Here is a photo from the press release announcing the addition of Jonathan Schwartz to the new air staff at the free-form WNEW-FM/New York starting January 1, 1967.

And here is the archive of past shows as heard on The Jonathan Station.

Sunday Show 10-14-2018 “It’s Autumn. And isn’t it, though?” Jonno plays a Barbara Cook duet with Barry Manilow…and kinda liked it.  He ponders the kismet of Nelson Riddle and Frank Sinatra coming to work at Capitol Records at the same time and the magic that happened because of it.  Jonathan discovers a copy of “Something to Remember You By” as performed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra.  Listening to Nelson’s arrangement of one of Arthur Schwartz’s first songs reminds him of being in the room as his father was discussing with Capitol Records who would arrange ‘Magic Moments of The Gay Life’ in 1960.  That full story and much more awaits you in this great four hour show.

Sunday Show 10-7-2018What other disk jockey in New York would play “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” at the beginning of October?  Nancy LaMott starts off the show.  Also featured: Billie Holiday,  Beverly Kenney and Stephen Sondheim. Jonathan spins a couple of cuts from the #1 Jazz album (and #11 on the overall Billboard Magazine chart) from Tony Bennett and Diana Krall.  Eleven songs make up the Sinatra Spectacular this week plus there’s a revisit of Phil Roy’s song “Melt” and more!

Sunday Show 9-23-2018Jonathan starts the first full day of Fall with four hours of music and a head cold on a rainy day in NYC.  Discussion of the talent of singer Beverly Kenney and her tragic end.  He references an article he wrote for GQ Magazine in 1992 and a listener sends him a link to it.   The GQ Article on Beverly Kenney  Lots of songs from Dietz & Schwartz (9!)  Plus he explains why he didn’t play Bobby Darin until recently.

Sunday Show 9-16-2018Just over four hours of Jonno.  Featured on the show, we are reminded of the upcoming change of seasons with several artists doing Autumn Leaves.  JS unearthed a recording that he first discovered at WNEW of Phil Roy singing his song “Melt”.  He also plays a rare record (a Japanese reissue) from Bill Black.  Jonathan hears for the first time, Hoagy Carmichael singing a rare song that Hoagy also wrote – “Winter Moon”.  There’s a Sinatra Spectacular that clocks in at over 30 minutes and lots more.

Sunday Show 9-9-2018Not available.  Recording levels got bumped inadvertently before the show and the resulting recording is too hot and distorted. 

Sunday Show 9-2-2018 It’s Labor Day Weekend (in the US) and the show starts as it has on this weekend since 1975 – with Aaron Copland’s “Quiet City”.  Lots of Sondheim (including a quote from him regarding the dumbing down of the country and Broadway).  Jonathan acknowledges the birthday of his daughter, Casey and adds that Red Sox announcer Ned Martin mentioned her birth on-air on this day in 1982.  Lots more, so go listen!

Sunday Show 8-26-2018After a week off due to noisy construction nearby, Jonathan is rested and ready for another four hour program.  Nelson Riddle is featured starting with a rare 1967 BBC-TV special with Nelson and Matt Monro.  Did you know that Trump told Jonno “I like your show” during the 1988 re-dedication ceremony of Wollman Rink in Central Park?  Jonathan was there representing WNEW 1130.  There’s a 15 song Sinatra Spectacular and much more!

Sunday Show 8-12-2018Four hours of music and stories including Sinatra singing “When Your Lover Is Gone”, Jessica Molaskey performing “Stars And The Moon” from Songs for a New World, Jason Robert Brown’s first musical in 1995 followed briskly by new music by Brown’s new album ‘How we React and How We Recover’.

Sunday Show 8-5-2018Four hours on a hot summer day.  Jonathan plays his WNEW interview with conversation with Harold Arlen (recorded about a month before he died) in which he asked Arlen how he wrote some of his songs. He also tells the story about Arthur Schwartz walking behind Harold Arlen on Park Avenue whistling “Dancing in the Dark” to get his attention.  Those stories and much more.

Sunday Show 7-29-2018A four hour show on a beautiful Sunday.  Lots of stories starting with Jonathan’s first meeting with Sinatra at Bennett Cerf’s place.  He plays Jo Stafford’s version of “Haunted Heart” from 1948. Jonathan says this was the first recording of his father’s song.  Did Jonno start a controversy just days before Tony Bennett’s 92nd birthday?

Wednesday Show 7-25-2018 A three hour show on a rainy Wednesday.  First song of the show? Nancy LaMott  – It Might As Well Be Spring  “That is one of the best songs I think I’ve ever heard.”  The question which of his songs was Arthur Schwartz’s favorite is answered. There’s a Sinatra Spectacular, of course and a behind-the-scenes moment from Jonathan’s TV show on WNEW-TV Channel 5.

Sunday Show 7-22-2018 A three hour show featuring a comparison of the 1937 Rodgers and Hart song “Where Or When” using various artists,    Pops singing “You’re The Tops” and Johnny Mercer singing with various artists. Jonathan talks about that, in his opinion, the American Songbook is made up of 50 writers and 50 singers.  Of course, there is The Sinatra Spectacular and much more.

Sunday Show 7-8-2018A four hour show that includes some great first-person stories about Tony Bennett and Keely Smith, a trivia question on a Sinatra record for listeners plus both Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer singing versions of one their own songs.

Sunday Show 7-1-2018Jonathan starts the month of July with a Jerome Kern spectacular and much more in a three hour show.

Sunday Show 6-24-2018Three hours of great music and Jonathan.

Wednesday Show 6-20-2018Our thanks to Kenneth Hutchins for the assist on this recording.

First Sunday Show 6-17-2018Jonno returns after a six month absence to take the microphone at his own radio station.